About Us

Mfg. Of Aluminium Housed Resistors, Braking Resistors , Ceramic Encased Resistors, Current Sense Resistors, Discharge Resistors, Dummy Resistors, Dynamic Braking Resistor, Fusible Resistors, Grid Resistor, High Voltage Resistors, Load Resistor, Neutral Grounding Resistor, Power Resistors, Resistors Rheostats, Shunt Resistors, Silicon Coated Resistors, Space Heater, Surface Mount Power Resistors, Variable Resistor, Wire Wound Resistor Coils, Wire Wound Resistors, Zero Ohm Resistors


SURE ELECTRONICS was incorporated in 1981 as a specialist manufacturer of professional grade wire wound resistor. Our managing partner Mr. UMESH MEHTA B. E. (Elect) is dedicated to ultimate in quality and as a result SURE has consistently maintained a reputation for high quality and versatility and has moved towards Total Quality Management. SURE ELECTRONICS is now an ISO 9001: 2000 certified company.

SURE ELECTRONICS is a small scale manufacturing unit constituted of a partnership firm.
SURE ELECTRONICS has now transformed itself into a broad based, professional grade wire wound resistor manufacturer with full fledge computerized design and ERP software capabilities. SURE ELECTRONICS at present has a very high production capacity, employing team of engineers and a skilled staff over 50 employees.

SURE ELECTRONICS has capacity to manufacture a wide range of stable wire wound resistors which also includes a ceramic encased, silicon coated, aluminum housed and low ohm type with multiple physical configuration in power rating of 1 watt and 100 Kilowatts.

SURE'S Quality policy :
▷ We are committed to the manufacture of premium quality resistors without compromising on quality at any stage of the product realization process.
▷ We are committed to ensure that the supply chain to our customers is maintained at all times.
▷ We will always ensure that our customer requirements are determined and met effectively so that we will have continual quality improvement in our Quality Management System.

SURE'S Quality objectives :
SALES: Reduce offer submission time by 5% every year
PURCHASE: Upgrade the average vendors rating by 5% every year
PRODUCTION: Zero late deliveries , Zero customer complaints
QUALITY CONTROL: Product field failure rate less than 15 PPM
QUALITY ASSURANCE: Undertake at least 2 preventive action projects every year
TRAINING : Upgrade the average competency level of workers and staff by 5% every year