RHEOSTAT- Professional / Industrial Grade

A product of "SURE" to meet all the technical & functional requirement and with Carbon brush contact.

Professional Grade Rheostat are with more thicker wire with better load and overload capacity, more number of turns giving better resolution (change of voltage per turn) as compared to Industrial Grade. Both are designed for meeting the standard quality test requirements.

CONSTRUCTION : The basic resistor has fully welded construction using best quality of raw material at all level, giving value addition in the form of longer life with high stability.


1. Mounting bracket - Aluminium casting body - powder coated.
2. Resistor - wire wound - Hard oxidized wire on porcelain body.
3. Fixed Terminal - Brass solder coated clip and brass zinc plated screw+ Nuts + Washer.
4. Variable Terminal - Chrome plated brass screw and brass zinc plated Nuts &Washer.
5. Slider assembly - Chrome plated brass housing with special grade carbon, special grade of springs, screw and bakelite Top.
6. Slider guide - Hard chrome plated - brass.

All dimensions are in mm

SRH 100 150 32
SRH 150 200 32
SRH 200 250 32
SRH 250 300 32
SRH 250 170 52
SRH 350 300 52
SRH 500 300 52  
SRH 750 450 52
SRH 1000 450 77

Note : Rheostat upto3000W are available.


* Material selection and proper surface treatment ensure the good performance for very long life.
* Required contact pressure at steady state ensures good contact between carbon brush and resistance element.
* Reduced contact pressure while sliding ensures less force requirement to slide as well as low wear & tear of carbon brush while sliding.
* Adjustable contact pressure - User can adjust contact pressure at optimum level between steady state contact pressure and sliding contact pressure.
* Option of selecting high / medium resolution.
* Normal Resolution - Resistance wire is wound with some distance between adjacent wires ( gap winding) ensures normal resolution with cast economy.
* High Resolution - Specially processed Hard oxidized wire is wound with maximum possible number of turns in given length ensures better resolution with cast addition of resistance wire.
* Resistance wire is further protected by high class, high quality silicon coating ensuring technical, chemical, environmental and electrical protection.